Infant & Toddler Programs

Infant Program

Toddler Program

Toddler Program



An extraordinary amount of development takes place in the first year of life. We serve your baby’s needs in the following four sensitive periods of infant development:  

  • Movement
  • Sensory Perception
  • Language
  • Order

Our infant Montessori environment is cozy, warm, and specially designed to encourage and stimulate movement and motor skills. We nurture your baby's independence through the use of developmentally appropriate materials and activities that support them through each stage of infant growth. Because we “follow the child,” our infants can safely explore their classroom based upon their curiosity and mobility level.  

Our attention is focused on strengthening muscles and developing the gross motor skills of each infant. Developing movement in the youngest Montessori children also lays the foundation for future cognitive development. Children who are free to move and explore learn to pursue their own interests. And learning to move to get something just out of reach is a lesson in problem solving. 

Our infants are also taught ASL (American Sign Language) so they can communicate their basic needs to our highly trained Montessori staff.

Naps and meal times are individualized based on each infant's unique personalities and needs.

Once your infant is ready to move up to the toddler program, he or she will spend some time in our Toddler Transition room. This room is reserved for toddlers 13 months and up, but infants can transition to this room as early as 10 months old if they show readiness.

Toddler Program

Toddler Program

Toddler Program



The toddler years are the time when children use their bodies, senses, and emerging problem-solving skills to learn about and make sense of their world in the most meaningful and effective ways. 

Dr. Montessori recognized that the first few years of a child’s life are critical to the development of personality and intellect. Toddlers are actively seeking out information, they learn quickly and easily, and they are especially interested in demonstrating independence. 

This is the time for children to explore and discover through active play, since children learn best by doing. Our highly trained Montessori teachers give toddlers responsive, individualized attention to help build skills in:

  • Independence
  • Sensory and Perception 
  • Self-Help and Practical Life Skills
  • Language 
  • Beginning Math Concepts
  • Physical and Motor Skills 
  • Social and Emotional Growth 
  • Toileting Skills

Our toddlers enjoy daily recess on their own outdoor playground, weekly P.E. classes, and daily music and movement lessons. Toddlers engage in both self-led and teacher-directed art lessons. 

Language lessons are taught in English, Spanish, and ASL. Our toddlers also learn valuable practical life skills for eating, dressing, toileting, and more. 

Snacks, lunch time, and naps are on a specific schedule to provide structure to the toddlers' day.